about us

P.G.S.® as an authorised Distributor who provides specialist products and services for the European Turf Market, specifically in Spain and Portugal.

P.G.S.® was created to distribute specialist turf products and provide professional services to football clubs, golf courses and other sports turf managers in Spain, Portugal and other countries to facilitate the reduction of costs and maintenance relating to their turf care, while increasing the performance, productivity and quality of their turf.

P.G.S.® is an independent company and an authorized distributor in Spain, Portugal and other countries.

P.G.S. Manufacturers of stadium & arena protective flooring for natural/artificial grass & temporary driveable roadways. www.turfprotector.com

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service for maintaining the quality of our Clients’ turf.

Our goal is to facilitate, promote and demonstrate the importance of using specialist turf products, not only for the environment, but also in the development and maintenance of the turf at Stadiums and other Sports Facilities. Our Clients can rely on us for improving the quality, strength and durability of the turf. We are committed to ensuring that our clients consistently achieve the utmost potential for their sports facility, through our products, services and an understanding of our clients' goals and objectives . We firmly believe in keeping the lines of communication open, as well as constantly offering a support system for our clients with our Services and Products.

Vastly increase the income of your stadium/arena or any grassed area by becoming multi-use, whilst protecting your investment in the playing surface and providing the safest environment for your patrons.

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